How much does it earn?

  1. Start your business under a famous brand name.
  2. There is no need to take care of interior design furniture, fixtures, employees training or business
    process management. You will have everything you need to earn money.
  3. Become a franchisee of a successful firm in the world of perfumes by franchising in your
    country and save $10,000 :
    • Average profit margin is between %150 and %250.
    • Average return of investment time is 12-6 months.

Low budget investment, Easy management, High profit!

  • Profitable for investors with its low-cost investment.
  • Quick return of investment rate with its simple and efficient sales model.
  • Creative brand identity and high sales appeal.
  • Satisfaction of consumers through high product quality.
  • Location options and personal training support.
  • Easier business management with low and stable expenditure.
  • Advertising support at sales point.

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