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Velvet Collection

SAMT – Chatter of silent hearts

Affability is the culture of looking among ignorant eyes, is the civilization of the word at the silence of hearts, is the arm that extends to protect, and the mind that thinks to keep, and the heart that beats to forgive, and the smell that smells the universe with a velvet scent that refuses to

Velvet Collection

AMAR – Ambassador without translator

Human beings doesn’t require to translate the meanings of roses language. Music is a spirit that flows from an artist fingers to sensitive hearts that listen to its soul, and so the fragrance is a sacred bond between two hearts and a faithful ambassador between two spirits, its memories live longer than life.

Velvet Collection

UNS – Tone of joy near beloved ones

It is the warmth of the hearts and the tone that lovers play on the strings of joy. It is the candle of existence in despite the chains, it is not born but it grows with the days, it grows with our loved ones nearby, It is the affability to our beloved ones when their

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