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Velvet Collection

AMAR – Ambassador without translator

Human beings doesn’t require to translate the meanings of roses language. Music is a spirit that flows from an artist fingers to sensitive hearts that listen to its soul, and so the fragrance is a sacred bond between two hearts and a faithful ambassador between two spirits, its memories live longer than life.

Velvet Collection

SAFARI Oud – A journey beyond the stars

She traveled to a new land on a deserted island, no eyes seen ever before, no sins of mankind ever took place, she traveled to other planets beyond the stars, she slept all over the night in the moon lap, she sang like birds and shaded by trees, she walked to the land of love

Velvet Collection

TAMALY – Passions at the dusk

Love him as a rose, plant his longing in your heart, flirt him during the sunrise and dusk, smell his antique perfume every second, and wait the evening kiss eagerly with the lemon blossom and his blue coat scarf.

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